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Award-Winning Tours in Historically-Inspired Trolleys

Established in 2011, the Winnipeg Trolley Company strives to be the best tourism and charter transportation company in Manitoba’s capital city. Winnipeg is a captivating place, and our mission is to provide exciting and affordable tour and transportation services aboard the province’s only trolleys.

Inspired by the Winnipeg Electric Company streetcars that were once a prominent feature on the city’s streets, our colourful trolleys blend in among its abundance of beautiful early-1900s architecture. Yet, with all the features of any contemporary transit vehicle including heating, air-conditioning, and full audio system, they can also transport our passengers in comfort and luxury. Whether you charter a trolley for your next Corporate or Private event, book one for your Wedding, or see some of Winnipeg’s best sights aboard one of our award-winning tours, choosing the Winnipeg Trolley Company is sure to add a unique charm to your travel experience.

Please explore our website, check out the Gallery to see the trolleys, and don’t hesitate to Contact Us with any inquiries or comments. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter to learn about other great activities in Winnipeg and Manitoba.

We wish you a safe journey, and look forward to welcoming you to one of the best cities in the country!

Trolley 365

Rail streetcars began running in Winnipeg in 1891—before Montreal, Toronto, and even New York. For over sixty years they moved the citizens of Manitoba’s growing capital, and at its peak the city boasted almost 200 kilometres of track. In 1955, however, operation ceased to make way for buses, with most of the vehicles sold or dismantled. A group of residents came together to preserve Streetcar 356 as the last of Winnipeg’s streetcars, and today it is stored in the railway museum at Union Station. Trolley 356 is named to commemorate this important part of our city’s transit heritage.

Trolley 596

In spring 1919, Winnipeg was the site of the largest labour uprising our country has ever seen—the Winnipeg General Strike. For most of the strike streetcar service was shut down, but on Saturday, June 21, Streetcar 596 ambled down Main Street where workers were leading a massive demonstration. Protesters tried to overturn the heavy vehicle, but only succeeded in tipping it off the rails. The military was called in and a violent confrontation ensued, and the strike ended four days later. Trolley 596 is named to commemorate this significant event in Canadian history.