Where do public tours begin and end?


All tours board in front of The Forks Market and rail cars at The Forks, in downtown Winnipeg. Just type ‘1 Forks Market Road’ into your GPS or online map system, and you’ll find us! The Forks is also connected to the Winnipeg Transit System’s FREE Downtown Spirit network, and is within walking distance of most downtown hotels. Tours end at the same location.

Are there any stops on the tour?


Yes, there is one bathroom and stretch break stop approximately halfway through the tour; however, this tour is not a “hop-on, hop-off” service. Our informative guide will be introducing you to Winnipeg’s best sites, and we encourage you to return to explore them further at your leisure. All sites located along our route are accessible aboard the Winnipeg Transit System—many of them on the FREE Downtown Spirit Network—and our guide will be happy to assist you with using these services after the tour.

Will I be able to take photographs during the tour?


Yes! We encourage our riders to take plenty of photos along the way. Please keep in mind, however, that it is sometimes difficult to capture great photographs while traveling from a moving vehicle. Also, please remember that we are on a live street, but we will slow down for photos at certain locations as long as we are not interfering with traffic. The Winnipeg Trolley Company maintains a group pool on Flickr that shares photos of Winnipeg taken during our tours, available here. Please feel free to share your own great photos, and check out the collection for any shots [...]