After a year in lockdown, dad’s probably itching to get out of the house and have some fun new adventures this summer. So if you’re looking for an awesome Father’s Day gift, we’ve put together a list of unique local experiences he will love! While most are currently on hold due to COVID restrictions, getting dad a gift certificate or an IOU will have him all set when things open up.

Zipline Tour

Let dad unleash his inner Tarzan

For a thrilling afternoon out, take dad to one of Manitoba’s two zipline courses. There’s nothing quite like sailing above the treetops at eighty kilometres an hour, taking in some amazing prairie views! Ziplining is fun for all ages—Manitoba’s record-holding oldest zipliner is ninety years old—and experts at both courses take their time to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable. The two sites, Hy-Wire Zipline Adventures and Amazing Ziplines, also offer other activities from hiking, to mini golf, to a corn maze. Both are outside Winnipeg so you can make a day of it and check out some great nearby eateries for lunch or dinner. Two Old Crow’s BBQ & Smokehouse near Hy-Wire may be a particular favourite for dad, being one of the few places in Manitoba offering mouth-watering smoked brisket and ribs.

Hy-Wire Zipline Adventures, with the tallest ziplines in the province, is just over an hour and a half from the southwest corner of the city. Amazing Ziplines, part of the family-friendly A Maze In Corn, is ten minutes from the south Perimeter Highway.

Straight-Razor Shave

Pampering is good for dad too

While he may not feel comfortable at a spa, a great self-care option for dad is a luxurious straight-razor shave. Once common at many barbershops, the straight-razor shave became a rare practice as home shaving took over—but recognising its unique appeal, many barbers are bringing it back. It begins with a reclined barber’s chair and nice hot towel to open up his pores. Next, the barber applies conditioner or cleanser, followed by another soothing hot towel. From there, they apply a rich shaving cream lather and make the first pass with the razor. Another hot towel, a second time through with the shaving cream and shave, then a cool towel to close the pores. Splash on a little aftershave, and dad’s all set. The process is so relaxing, many men fall asleep!

A number of barbershops in Winnipeg offer straight-razor shaves including Hunter & Gunn, Bespoke Barbershop, and for more of an old-school experience, Brava Hair Design for Men.

Barbecue Lesson

Up dad’s skill on the grill

These days, there’s so much more to mastering the art of BBQ than just throwing raw meat on a hot grill. There are dozens of BBQ styles and techniques to bring out the flavour in different cuts of meat, an overwhelming array of rubs and sauces to bring the meal to life—and don’t forget how amazing grilled vegetables can be. To help dad learn how to consistently make succulent and delicious dishes, get him a BBQ class from Luxe Barbeque Company, currently the only place in town offering BBQ instruction. While lessons are on hold due to COVID restrictions, traditionally they offer a range of classes to choose from throughout the year for different meats and meals. Purchase a gift certificate so dad will be ready to grill when classes resume.

Luxe Barbeque Company has two locations in Winnipeg, near Transcona and IKEA.

Blacksmithing Workshop

Give dad a weekend playing with steel and fire

Admittedly, blacksmithing might not be the first skill you’d think to acquire in the 21stcentury, but there is just something awesome and empowering about heating metal red hot then watching the sparks fly as you hammer and shape your own tools. Award-winning blacksmith Matt Jenkins at Cloverdale Forge leads workshops that introduce students to this unique and powerful craft. Dad will learn the basics over the weekend-long class, proudly taking home items like knives and small tools that he’s handmade himself working over the forge. Lessons are on hold due to current COVID restrictions, but to pique dad’s interest, you can get him some of Cloverdale’s hand-forged products including skewers, fire pokers, and steak flippers.

Cloverdale Forge is twenty minutes north of the Perimeter Highway, near Selkirk.

Craft Beer and Brewery Tours

Help dad branch out from Bud

With 25 local breweries, our province is enjoying an explosion of beer options (want to know them all? Download our Comprehensive Guide to Manitoba Breweries HERE), so help dad navigate this tasty landscape! The best part of giving beer is spending time with dad while introducing him to your favourites—but be warned: If he mostly drinks mainstream brands, craft beer can be overwhelming. Start with approachable options like Little Brown Jug’s ‘1919 Belgian Pale Ale’ or Sookram Brewing Co.’s ‘Cult Classic Pilsner’, then move to bolder flavours like IPAs and stouts. To kick things up a notch, we’d love to have you join us on our Ale and Cocktail Trail tour. We’ll take you to two local breweries and a distillery, give a behind-the-scenes tour, and teach you how to taste and assess beer like a pro. Best of all, we throw in a ton of fun and outrageous liquor-laced Winnipeg history and trivia. It’s a great option for a memorable night with dad while sharing a few cold ones!

For a fantastic selection of local beers, check out The Beer Market or the Quality Inn Beer Store.

Purchase gift vouchers for the Ale and Cocktail Trail HERE, and you and dad can book a summer or fall tour date that works for you.