Winnipeg Brewery Tours

Visit Winnipeg’s best local breweries—and hear about the city’s wild past along the way!

4 Hours Wednesday & Friday @ 7:00pm Get Directions

Experience Winnipeg’s craft beer scene like never before on The Ale Trail Craft Brewery Tour—with tons of trivia and the liquor-laced history they never told you in school!

Learn about our troublesome first police chief (who spent as much time in court defending his own escapades as he did testifying against criminals), the veterinarians who circumvented Prohibition laws by prescribing alcohol to four-legged ‘patients’, and more. Tour includes:

  • Fully-narrated transportation, stops at three local breweries, and a guided brewery tour
  • A crash course in professional beer tasting; and
  • One pint (or cocktail) at each taproom, with food available for purchase at the last stop.

Don’t want the drinks? Grab a ‘Dry Run’ ticket!

Wednesday Stops
Friday Stops

General Admission (3 drinks): $74.95
Dry Run (no drinks): $39.95

*Minors permitted, but prohibited from consuming alcohol.

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